Delete Your Account

We understand that some of our customers may not be happy with our services or may not feel the need to use our apps any longer. We are saddened to see you leave us, even as we are working on more improved features to make your everyday life fulfilling and satisfying with our on-demand help. We will be thrilled to have you back whenever you’re ready. Here is a quick guide on how to delete your account from our platform, as standard practice in our privacy policy

Login to your account:

When you log in to your account, you can access your user feed or dashboard. From there, you should see the menu buttons at the bottom of your mobile phone screen.

Select Profile:

From our listed mobile menu buttons at the bottom of your mobile screen, kindly click and select the “Profile” button to go to your account profile.

Profile Page Scroll:

When inside your account profile, kindly scroll down to the bottom of the page to select the “Delete account” option. When clicked, go ahead and confirm again to delete your account. See the screenshots below.

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